Head Popping Earnings

Zombieland: Headshot Fever Arcade is the most-played VR game in arcades around the world.

The first play reports are in, and Zombieland is crushing the competition:

Revenue per sq ft

With a compact footprint of only 12 square feet for 2-players, Zombieland’s revenue per square foot average is unbeatable. It earns 2X the most popular VR coasters and 17X more than VR Agent in the same locations.
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Plays per day

Zombieland is the most popular VR game on the arcade floor, garnering more plays on average than the most successful VR games in the industry. More plays, more happy customers.
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Days to payback

With the lowest street price, Zombieland offers the fastest return on investment (when priced similarly to other VR games.)
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Doubt us? Listen to the players.

"That would be my favorite...."

"[VR] can be hit or miss. That was really good!"

"It feels like a gun."


Zombieland is a fianncial no-brainer.

It's compact, affordable, and wildly popular.

Two year guarantee on the headset cables!

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