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Do It Yourself

A few years ago, if you wanted a free-roam VR system, you needed to pick one company to deliver your entire solution. Now that some standards are being settled, it’s possible to pick the best parts of a system à la carte.
The parts of a free-roam system are:
1. Launcher and Content
2. Arena or Playing Space
3. Storage and Charging
4. VR Headsets
5. Computers and Networking Equipment
6. Accessories like vests, gun peripherals, battery chargers, etc.


Professional D-I-Y Arena

Transform any space into a VR attraction with the ROAM DIY Free-Roam Arena! Quick to install, this kit offers a professional finish that elevates your venue. Customize it with your branding, and enjoy the flexibility to run any software and games.


Unlock the future of arcade operations with SynthesisVR (SVR) - your ultimate software partner for VR entertai...
Footprint: Supports all types of experiences
Pricing: Get Pricing

Roam Arena

Introducing ROAM Arena: The Ultimate Solution for Unleashing the Full Potential ...
Footprint: Standard 16x16ft or 20x20ft; Interactive 16x16ft or 33x33ft
Pricing: Get Pricing

Springboard VR

SpringboardVR: Elevate Your Arcade Experience SpringboardVR, a flagship product from Verti...
Footprint: 400 sq ft
Number of Players: 4 players
Pricing: Get Pricing


Warpdrive VR offers a versatile and innovative solution for operators of family entertainment centers and arca...
Pricing: Get Pricing


Dive into "Plush Rush", a captivating VR adventure designed for everyone. Crafted by seasoned game developers ...
Footprint: n/a Software
Pricing: Get Pricing
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