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Enjoy the freedom of movement in limited spaces with our Compact Free-roam systems. These setups allow users to navigate virtual worlds within a smaller physical area, providing an immersive experience while optimizing space utilization. Typically these systmes range from 400 to 1000 square feet for 4-10 players. Compact free roam is the most affordable of the free roam systems. Operators can build do-it-yourself arenas using inexpensive consumer headsets like the Meta Quest for as little as $3,000 for 6 players. Turnkey systems run up $50-60K.

Hero Zone VR Arcade Turnkey Solution

Hero Zone – Free-Roam VR Arena

Unleash the Power of Free-Roaming Virtual Reality in Your Arcade! Hero Zone Arena offers Multiplayer Adventures where up to 6 players can immerse themselves in thrilling and intens... (read more)
Footprint: 400 sq ft
Number of Players: 6-player
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Black Badge VR

Welcome to the captivating world of Black Badge VR, where science fiction meets virtual reality. Immerse yours...
Pricing: Get Pricing

Anvio VR

Welcome to Anvio VR, the premier virtual reality club in Los Angeles, where cutting-edge technology and immers...
Pricing: Get Pricing

C.R.E.S and C.R.E.S Portable

C.R.E.S. VR System by Cross Reality: Revitalize Your Arcade in No Time! Unlock unparallele...
Footprint: C.R.E.S 10x10, C.R.E.S portable is flexible
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Welcome to Octopod, the ultimate VR simulator platform designed specifically for entertainment venues like arc...
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Introducing Spawnpoint, the ultimate freeroam VR platform designed to take your arcade to new heights. With un...
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Welcome to SPREE Arena, the ultimate multiplayer free-roam VR attraction that transports guests into captivati...
Footprint: 387 sq ft or 1076 sq ft
Number of Players: 6 or 10 player
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Springboard VR

Welcome to MissionX, the ultimate competitive multiplayer FPS VR game that will transform your play area into ...
Footprint: 400 sq ft
Number of Players: 4 players
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VEX Arena

Welcome to VEX Arena, the cutting-edge 3.0 virtual reality experience that guarantees thrills and excitement f...
Footprint: Modular - from 13x13ft up to 33x33ft or from 4x4m up to 10x10m
Number of Players: Up to 10 players (free-roaming standalone headsets)
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VR Esports Arena

Welcome to VR Esports Arena, where sport and gaming collide in an immersive virtual reality experience. The st...
Footprint: 400 sq ft – 640 sq ft
Number of Players: 4 – 8 player
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