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Warehouse-scale Free-roam VR

Warehouse-Scale Free-Roam VR refers to virtual reality experiences that take place in environments spanning over 2000 square feet. Participants are fully immersed in these expansive digital realms, enabling unrestricted movement and exploration. So far developers have limited the capacity of these large spaces to 8-10 players, which makes them less space efficient than compact free roam. The epic nature of the content and experience do support much higher ticket prices.

Anvio Free-roam VR

Anvio creates solutions for LBE VR. While our immersive, free roam VR games continue to captivate audiences wo...
Footprint: 5x5m, 10x10m, 10x20m + Scalable game zones (16-400 m²)
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Zero Latency

Immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience like no other with Zero Latency. As the leader in free-roam V...
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Limitless VR

Experience a new dimension of immersive entertainment with Limitless VR, the ultimate arcade game from Creativ...
Footprint: 800 sq ft or 2400 sq ft
Number of Players: 8 or 16 players
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Lightning VR

Welcome to Lightning VR, the highly rated virtual reality experience from The Netherlands that will transport ...
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Ready Team One

Transform your family entertainment center into an unforgettable experience with READY TEAM ONE! This next-gen...
Footprint: 10X10M or 33x33 feet per Arena
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Get ready to revolutionize your arcade with trueVRsystems, the best-in-class, turn-key solution that brings un...
Number of Players: 5 to 10 player per playground
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Introducing MissionX - The Future Soldiers, the ultimate VR simulator platform that takes competitive multipla...
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Welcome to Tyffonium, an entertainment facility that takes immersive experiences to the next level using cutti...
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