Category: Hyper Reality

Hyper Reality is a term coined by The VOID to describe immersive VR, where the physical environment becomes part of the experience. It could be through environmental effects like wind, heat, vibration, scents, or even touch, where physical objects are mapped into the virtual environment. These systems are high-impact, high ticket prices, and expensive. Expect to invest over $100K for a hyper reality experience.


Embark on an extraordinary adventure with HOLOGATE X, the ultimate virtual reality arcade game. Offering an un...
Footprint: 20×20 ft
Number of Players: 2x4 player groups
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Welcome to Jump, the groundbreaking VR arcade game that brings your dream of flying to life. Developed by Jame...
Number of Players: Standing
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Welcome to Tyffonium, an entertainment facility that takes immersive experiences to the next level using cutti...
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VEX Adventure

Elevate your family entertainment center with VEX Adventure, the ultimate experience in hyper-reality. This ne...
Footprint: 450ft²
Number of Players: Up to 6 players (free-roaming standalone headsets)
Pricing: Get Pricing
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