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The Future of Entertainment: Exploring the Intersection of VR and Family Fun

Join us for a compelling conversation with Todd Maunsell, the Chief Operating Officer of Cinergy Entertainment, recorded at the Vive Theater, brought to you in partnership with HTC. In this interview with Bob Cooney, Todd shares his insights and experiences, shedding light on how VR is revolutionizing the traditional arcade experience.

From recognizing the potential of VR to its implementation in Cinergy Entertainment’s arcades, Todd discusses the significant impact VR has had on attracting a new generation of entertainment seekers. With a keen focus on the synergy between cinema and attractions, Cinergy Entertainment has successfully blended these elements, offering patrons an unforgettable and immersive experience.

Discover how Cinergy Entertainment has evolved over its 15-year journey, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of entertainment. Todd delves into the challenges they faced and the innovative solutions they implemented to keep guests engaged during both blockbuster movie releases and quieter periods.

Learn about the vital role of VR in their arcades and how it has transformed the way patrons interact with entertainment. Todd emphasizes the importance of providing wow-factor experiences, where VR has played a pivotal role in captivating visitors.

Explore the intriguing concept of free-roaming VR and its potential for scalability within family entertainment centers. Todd shares valuable insights into the capacity requirements needed to meet the demands of a large audience, drawing parallels with the theater business.

Discover how the integration of Intellectual Property (IP) based attractions tied to blockbuster movies enhances the overall experience for guests. Todd discusses the challenges of aligning with the right IP and the positive impact it can have on the synergy between movies and attractions.

As the conversation unfolds, Todd and the Bob Cooney delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by VR hardware and content. Explore the need for durable and reliable hardware that can withstand the rigors of a family entertainment environment, and gain insights into the importance of continually evolving content to keep patrons engaged.

Join us on this informative and thought-provoking journey into the world of VR and family entertainment. Todd Maunsell’s expertise offers a glimpse into the exciting future where virtual reality seamlessly blends with traditional entertainment, creating unforgettable experiences for all.

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