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The VR Collective's mission is to help facilitate the location-based entertainment industry’s transition to virtual reality technology. VR can seem complex, and the Collective aims to educate and inform operators to accelerate its adoption. The Collective brings together people and companies at the forefront of this transition.

The VR Collective is the brainchild of Bob Cooney, widely considered the world’s leading expert on location-based VR. “I’ve seen too many operators make poor decisions on virtual reality games and attractions,” Cooney remarks. “They approach VR like a traditional arcade game. Because it’s evolving quickly, they can’t keep up with the technology that can make or break an investment. And despite the costs, they don’t approach it as an attraction, so their returns are hamstrung.”

But the biggest issue is they don’t see the vast array of VR options. Mostly because traditional coin-op distribution has its hands full with traditional video, redemption, vending, and all the other products they juggle. The VR Collective is where operators get the expert advice on VR products they deserve.

By all means, take advice on traditional amusements from your normal sources,” Cooney added. “Consultants and distributors are an important resource for operators. But taking VR advice from them is like asking a general contractor to design the home theater in your living room. VR is a specialty, and it’s wise to seek out a specialist for the best results.

Cooney has flown more than a million miles over the last 7 years to discover and evaluate the world's largest VR entertainment options. That’s like going to the moon and back twice. And he’s interviewed hundreds of operators about how they use VR. He’s accumulated a database of success and failure, enabling more informed product strategies for operators.

If you’re an operator who’s thinking about adding new VR games and attractions, reach out to us for a free consultation.

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