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Category: VR Arcade Game Cabinets

Enhance any game room with a VR arcade game cabinet. These games provide an immersive gaming experience with a wide range of genres and gameplay mechanics. They are easy to operate with no attendant required. Compact and affordable, it’s the easiest way to get started with virtual reality.

Zombieland: Headshot Fever Arcade

Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Zombie Showdown! Zombieland: Headshot Fever, the explosive VR shooter, transports players to a dystopian wasteland where they'll battle relentle... (read more)
Footprint: 7.25 Square Feet
Number of Players: 2-player
Pricing: Get Pricing

Gold and Mace VR

Introducing an innovative addition to the world of Virtual Reality gaming, Gold and Mace, crafted by the colla...
Footprint: 8.8 sq ft
Pricing: Get Pricing

Synth Riders

Step into the world of Synth Riders VR Arcade Game Unit and immerse yourself in the ultimate music rhythm expe...
Footprint: 7.25 Square Feet
Number of Players: 1-player
Pricing: Get Pricing


Introducing VR Agent, the revolutionary attendant-free, coin-operated VR game from Sega Amusements Internation...
Footprint: 91.5 sq ft
Number of Players: 2 player
Pricing: Get Pricing


Immerse yourself in a world of limitless possibilities with VAR BOX, the ultimate VR arcade game that will red...
Footprint: 10 sq ft
Number of Players: 1 to 8 player
Pricing: Get Pricing

Football Frenzy

Experience the ultimate VR esports attraction with FURY/Football Frenzy! Get ready to transform your FEC into ...
Footprint: 7.5 sq ft
Number of Players: 1 player
Pricing: Get Pricing
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