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Multiplayer VR arcade attractions bring people together in a virtual reality setting, allowing for competitive or cooperative gameplay experiences with friends or other arcade visitors. Most come with a library of games for all ages of customers, and charge annual license fees. Ranging from 4 up to 8 players and covering 200 to about 600 square feet, these systems all require an attendant.

Arkadia VR Arena

Step into a world of unlimited fun and excitement with "Arkadia VR Arena," the ultimate VR arcade game designe...
Footprint: 225 sq ft - 285 sq ft
Number of Players: 4 or 6 player
Pricing: Get Pricing


Introducing BoxBlaster's revolutionary VR arcade games, designed to take your arcade experience to the next le...
Footprint: 225 sq ft
Number of Players: 4 player
Pricing: Get Pricing

Ghostbusters VR Academy

Welcome to the thrilling world of "Ghostbusters VR Academy," where you can train to be a real Ghostbuster! Thi...
Footprint: 136 sq ft or 289 sq ft
Number of Players: 2 or 4 Player
Pricing: Get Pricing

Hologate Arena

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary realm of Hologate Arena, where virtual reality merges with exhilarating ...
Number of Players: 4
Pricing: Get Pricing

vrCAVE VR Escape Rooms

Runaway Train VR Escape Room: Thrills, Puzzles, and Big Profits All Aboard the Runaway Train! Unlock the...
Footprint: 15' x 18' space required, plus small buffer recommended
Pricing: Get Pricing

Omni Arena - Multiplayer VR Attraction

Introducing Omni Arena by Virtuix - a groundbreaking amusement piece that brings the world of esports to life ...
Footprint: 375 Square Feet
Number of Players: 4-player
Pricing: Get Pricing

Tower Tag Battle Arena

Tower Tag Battle Arena is an exhilarating and cutting-edge competitive, multiplayer VR laser tag experience. T...
Footprint: 120 – 450 sq ft
Number of Players: 2-8 Players
Pricing: Get Pricing
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