Tower Tag Battle Arena

Revolutionize your arcade with Tower Tag Battle Arena – the ultimate VR laser tag experience! Enjoy the benefits of easy operation, as its intuitive interface allows effortless management by a single attendant. Maximize your revenue potential with amazing throughput, accommodating up to 8 players for an incredible revenue-per-space ratio. Say goodbye to maintenance headaches, thanks to the tablet-based wireless system setup and the durable, easy-to-maintain design. Elevate customer satisfaction, boost your profits, and create unforgettable gaming memories with Tower Tag Battle Arena – the perfect choice for your arcade!

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:

Tower Tag is a team-based competitive VR game that’s been around since 2017. When it launched it was a groundbreaking combination of VR, laser tag, and esports. Over the years Tower Tag has been operated in VR arcades and bundled with systems like Hologate, Spree Arena and even dedicated, retail storefronts. Now Hologate is building a Tower Tag turnkey solution launching at IAAPA. Tower Tag ‘Battlezone’ is a modular system ranging from 120 square feet for two players up to 450 square feet for 8 players. It mixes the feeling of free-roam in a compact space. Combined with Hologate’s forthcoming Esports platform is another entry into the growing VR esports category.
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