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Gold and Mace VR

Experience the future of arcade entertainment with Gold & Mace, a groundbreaking VR game developed by Boxblaster and Benchmark Games, proudly presented by Elaut. Designed with operators in mind, Gold and Mace offers a compact, self-contained gaming station that requires no attendants, minimizing operational complexity and maximizing profit potential.

In this immersive VR adventure, players become valiant defenders of their fortress, facing off against an invading army with catapults. As an operator, you’ll appreciate the streamlined setup – just insert credits, provide players with the intuitive VR headset and controllers, and watch them become engrossed in a medieval world of action and strategy. The game’s engaging mechanics, dynamic weaponry, and competitive point-scoring system ensure repeat play, making Gold & Mace a lucrative addition to your arcade lineup. Join the future of arcade gaming today and offer your patrons an unparalleled VR experience with Gold and Mace.

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:

Gold and Mace VR

Gold and Mace was first developed for arcades by Boxblaster for their multiplayer VR system. Now Elaut and Benchmark Games bring it to market in a compact, unattended single-player cabinet. It’s a family and kid friendly title where players fend off hordes of invaders being flung at you by catapults. The game is suited for redemption and the Elaut VRX cabinet supports tickets. Elaut promises more games for their VRX in the future, but nothing has been announced yet.

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Unattended VR Arcade Game

Gold and Mace VR play game

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