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Revolutionizing Healthcare Training with VR

Welcome to our insightful series, where we explore the dynamic role of Virtual Reality (VR) in enhancing healthcare training. This episode, titled “Revolutionizing Healthcare Training with VR: Insights and Strategies”, features a compelling discussion on the impact of VR in skills development within the healthcare sector.

About the Episode:

Join Dr. Ryan Ribeira, an Emergency Room Physician and CEO of SimX, and Nichole Brown, PhD(c), MSN, RN, CHSE-A, a Simulation Specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, as they delve into the versatile applications of VR for healthcare training.

This episode promises to offer valuable insights and practical strategies, covering:

  • Nationwide Training Applications: Discover how The Cleveland Clinic is utilizing VR to enable practitioners from various regions to train collaboratively in a virtual environment.
  • Overcoming Implementation Challenges: Gain insights into overcoming common challenges in integrating VR into healthcare training, including aspects of user onboarding, logistical considerations, and instructor guidance.
  • Enhancing Skill Maintenance with VR: Understand VR’s role in facilitating more frequent skill practice, contributing to the reduction of medical errors which affect millions of Americans annually.
  • Benefits of VR Over Traditional Methods: Explore the advantages of using VR in training compared to traditional manikins, leading to improved training outcomes.

In this installment, we present an in-depth analysis of how VR technology is empowering excellence in healthcare training. From nationwide collaborative training to overcoming implementation challenges and enhancing skill maintenance, the episode highlights the significant advantages of VR in medical education. It’s a must-listen for healthcare professionals and educators looking to leverage technology for improved training and patient care.


Ryan Ribeira, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor at Stanford School of Medicine and CEO of SimX VR

Dr. Ryan Ribeira is an Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor at Stanford School of Medicine, with a rich background in domestic policy, quality improvement, clinical informatics, and entrepreneurship. As the CEO of SimX VR, he applies his expertise in emergency medicine and innovative technologies to advance the field of medical simulation and training.

Nichole Brown
Simulation Education Specialist at The Cleveland Clinic

Nichole Brown is an accomplished Simulation Education Specialist at The Cleveland Clinic, with extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Her skills span nursing education, emergency medicine, critical care, ACLS, and clinical research. As an education professional, she is actively pursuing a PhD in Urban Education: Nursing Education at Cleveland State University, focusing on inattention blindness and its impact on clinical judgment.

Bob Cooney
Expert in Virtual Reality, Author, and Entrepreneur

Bob Cooney is a renowned virtual reality speaker, author, futurist, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience. As an Inc. 500 CEO, he has founded nine startups, achieving multiple exits and a successful NASDAQ IPO. Bob is known for his contributions to the VR industry, educating creatives, suppliers, and operators globally on the potentials and applications of VR technology.

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