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Unveiling the Future of Psychotherapy with Virtual Reality

Welcome to our enlightening series, where we delve into the groundbreaking intersection of Virtual Reality (VR) and psychotherapy. Titled “Unveiling the Future of Psychotherapy with Virtual Reality”, this installment brings together experts to discuss the evolving role of VR in mental health treatment and its implications for patients and practitioners alike.

About the Segment:

Join us as panelists from esteemed organizations like the National Human Genome Research Institute, VR for Health, and Thera share their insights on the use of VR in psychotherapy. The discussion navigates through the latest research, application experiences, and the potential of VR in enhancing patient outcomes. This conversation is an in-depth look at both the challenges and opportunities that VR presents in the field of mental health, offering a comprehensive understanding of its current and future impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI Avatars in Psychotherapy: Examine the positive and negative roles AI avatars could play in enhancing psychotherapy engagements.
  • Privacy in VR Ecosystem: Explore privacy concerns within VR, focusing on the responsibility and accountability in patient engagement and data handling.
  • Diverse Applications in Healthcare: Understand the wide-ranging applications and benefits of VR, not just in psychotherapy but also in pain management and rehabilitation.
  • VR Therapy’s Growth Parallel to Telemedicine: Illustrate the similarities between the evolution of telemedicine and the growing acceptance and utilization of VR in therapy and treatment settings.

This deep dive explores how VR is transforming the landscape of psychotherapy, offering new possibilities for treatment and patient care. The episode highlights the potential challenges, such as privacy concerns and the role of AI, while also acknowledging the significant benefits VR brings to healthcare. By drawing parallels with the evolution of telemedicine, we explore the trajectory of VR therapy’s growth and acceptance in the medical community.


Susan Persky
Head of Immersive Simulation Program at The National Human Genome Research Institute

A behavioral scientist with extensive expertise in VR/XR methodology, Susan Persky is the Director of the Immersive Simulation Program at The National Human Genome Research Institute. Her work primarily focuses on health and medicine, combining elements of psychology, communication, and behavioral research. Susan’s deep understanding of VR/XR technologies positions her at the forefront of innovative approaches in these interdisciplinary fields.

Denise Silber
Co-Founder of VRforHealth.com

With over a quarter-century of experience in digital health, patient engagement, and virtual reality, Denise Silber is a distinguished figure in these domains. As a founder of Basil Strategies and Doctors 2.0, and a co-founder of VRforHealth, Denise has significantly influenced the landscape of digital health. She is known for her adeptness in fostering patient engagement and promoting therapeutic virtual reality through effective communication and organizing influential events.

Erin Bogdanski
CEO and Founder of Thera Inc.

Erin Bogdanski, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, leads Thera Inc. as its CEO and Founder. Thera Inc. specializes in virtual reality counseling, featuring customizable avatar technology and biometrics. Erin’s experience spans diverse environments, including private practice, community mental health, and acute psychiatric care. Her professional acumen also extends to the fields of law, education, and human rights.

Bob Cooney
Expert in Virtual Reality, Author, and Entrepreneur

Bob Cooney is an accomplished virtual reality speaker, author, futurist, and entrepreneur. As an Inc. 500 CEO, he has successfully founded and developed nine startups, leading them to multiple exits and a successful NASDAQ IPO. Bob’s expertise and experience of over 25 years have made him a revered educator in the VR field, imparting knowledge to VR creatives, suppliers, and operators globally.

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