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Unleash the Magic of Augmented Reality at Your Arcade! Introducing AnimaKidsParty, the ultimate attraction that takes kids on a thrilling adventure. With cost-effective party packages, your customers will enjoy an unforgettable experience filled with interactive and educational gameplay. Boost your revenue with this cutting-edge attraction and become the go-to destination for extraordinary parties. Don’t miss out on the incredible revenue opportunity of augmented reality – book AnimaKidsParty now!

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:


I wanted to call out a company called Animalive. They specialize in animated avatars for theme parks and FECs.

One operator can control live, animated avatars on video screens across a location’s network. Imagine a birthday child talking to a live, animated character and being led in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday by a dinosaur, an alien, or your branded mascot. The technology to do this is improving and more accessible every year. Companies that embrace this customized interactive group experience will instantly distance themselves from their competition, and create memorable, and sharable, guest experiences.
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