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Cleanbox CX1, CX2, CX4, Omniclean

Cleanbox Technology Inc. offers a range of advanced XR device cleaners, from the CX1’s single-bay efficiency to the high-capacity CX4’s four-bay system, cleaning up to 200 devices per hour. The game-changer, OmniClean, introduces RFID-enabled cleaning, providing unparalleled insights into device hygiene history. With a commitment to 99.999% decontamination using UVC LED technology, Cleanbox ensures safety and durability, all in a modular design. Elevate the hygiene standards of your Family Entertainment Center or Arcade with Cleanbox – the gold standard in device cleaning.

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Cleanbox CX1, CX2, CX4, Omniclean

Cleanbox is the only company I know that has staked its reputation on VR hygiene. Their UVC solutions can sterilize a headset in under 1 minute. They cost about $2200 for a single headset unit that can handle 50 headsets an hour, up to $7200 for one that can handle four at a time and 200 an hour. It does offer a sense of comfort for those who are sensitive to hygiene.

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Cleanbox CX1, CX2, CX4, Omniclean

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