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Sandbox VR Expands to Florida and California, Adds Kitchen and Bar

Image: Sandbox VR opens in St. Petersburg, Florida later this month. Courtesy Sandbox VR.

Sandbox VR, a leader in immersive free-roam VR gaming experiences, is launching its first Florida location in the Grand Central District of St. Petersburg on June 27. Sandbox VR combines full-body motion capture with state-of-the-art VR technology, allowing players to interact within highly realistic virtual worlds. This new venue is set to bring cutting-edge entertainment to the Sunshine State, offering a unique attraction for locals and visitors.

Florida Location Highlights

At the St. Petersburg location, players will be equipped with VR headsets, haptic vests, and wrist and ankle sensors, enabling a fully immersive experience. The venue features free-roam rooms, or what Sandbox calls “holodecks,” where up to six players can explore virtual environments together. With various game experiences, including popular franchises like “Squid Games” and original content like “Amber Sky 2088,” Sandbox VR promises an engaging and interactive gaming adventure.

Expanding to California

Image above: Sandbox VR’s new Culver City, California location.

In addition to the Florida launch, Sandbox VR is expanding its footprint in California with a new location in Culver City. This marks Sandbox VR’s third location in Los Angeles and the first to feature a kitchen to serve an array of food and beverages, enhancing the overall guest experience. Culver City is home to many LA television and movie production companies. Sandbox’s CEO Steven Zhao commented, “Sandbox VR Culver City will be the hub for our ongoing collaborations to build new realities based on cherished shows and films.”

A New Era of Social Entertainment

Image: Build board promoting the popular Sandbox VR Experience – Squid Games.

Sandbox VR’s expansion is approaching 50 locations globally. Free-roam virtual reality is a growing trend in immersive social entertainment, blending advanced technology with interactive social experiences. The addition of food and beverage services at the Culver City location signifies a move towards creating comprehensive entertainment hubs where guests can enjoy gaming, dining, and socializing in one place.

For more details, visit StreetInsider and BusinessWire.

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