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WEVR Secures $3.5M Funding to Advance Virtual Studio Platform

TheBlu VR experience made by WEVR. Image courtesy: WEVR

WEVR, based in Los Angeles, has raised $3.5 million from HTC and Epic Games. Known for their work on the Harry Potter VR attraction and “The Blue,” WEVR will use this funding to develop their Virtual Studio platform further. This cloud-based platform is designed to simplify the creation of next-generation VR experiences using Unreal and Unity engines. The aim is to make high-quality VR content creation more accessible to developers, enabling the production of immersive and interactive virtual experiences.

Virtual Studio: A Game Changer

The Virtual Studio platform by WEVR is set to be a game-changer in the VR industry. A streamlined, cloud-based solution allows creators to collaborate more efficiently and develop complex VR environments without the typical resource constraints. This platform is particularly beneficial for indie developers and small studios that may lack the infrastructure to produce high-end VR content independently.

Enhancing VR Content Creation

The Virtual Studio platform aims to democratize VR content creation, enabling developers to collaborate more effectively and produce high-quality immersive experiences. The platform simplifies complex VR development processes, making it accessible for both small indie developers and larger studios. By leveraging cloud-based tools, creators can work together seamlessly, regardless of their physical location, enhancing VR content production’s overall efficiency and creativity.

WEVR CEO Anthony Batt stated, “With this funding, we are excited to expand our platform and empower more creators to bring their VR visions to life.”

Strategic Partnerships and Future Prospects

HTC and Epic Games’ investment provides financial support and strategic partnerships that can enhance the capabilities and reach of the Virtual Studio platform. With HTC’s expertise in VR hardware and Epic Games’ leadership in game development through the Unreal Engine, WEVR is well-positioned to innovate and expand the possibilities within the VR landscape.

For more information, read the full article on VentureBeat​​.

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