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Hologate Profile

Hologate Profile

If there’s one company to credit with the beginning of the VR arcade revolution for family entertainment centers, it’s Hologate.

They burst on the scene at IAAPA in 2017 with the first turnkey VR attraction that hit the bullseye for operators. It was compact, efficient, good-looking, and easy to operate. It was even value-priced at the time for a cutting-edge attraction. Their launch games offered great variety, and their anchor title, Zombyte, was the perfect combination of fun and intensity.

Fast forward to 2022, and Hologate has maintained its leadership position in the VR industry. They offer the largest and most diverse library of VR games on any platform with a solid combination of first-party and name-brand third-party titles. Their games cover all the bases, co-op, and player-vs-player shooters, dance rhythm, cooking, escape room, and kids’ games. Their IP games range from niche IPs like the Canadian animated TV show Slugterra and the PSVR game Blasters of the Universe to the blockbuster Angry Birds, which generates over a quarter billion dollars in revenue worldwide for Rovio Entertainment.

Hologate is taking its content library to the next level this year. In partnership with Sony Motion Pictures, they’re releasing Ghostbusters VR Academy at IAAPA this year. It’s a multi-platform experience encompassing both the Hologate Arena and their Blitz motion simulator.

Hologate has taken its success with its Arena and pushed into other product segments, both virtual and physical. The Blitz is a full motion, 6 DOF interactive driving, and flying simulator. By itself, the Blitz was just another product for Hologate. Now with the Ghostbusters license, the combination of the Arena and Blitz creates a world-class attraction for family entertainment centers. And with Sony as a partner, the marketing opportunities are vast. Sony has been the most aggressive of the movie studios working in location-based VR, and Jake Zim, their SVP of virtual reality is a full supporter of the industry. This isn’t a money grab by the studio like some other IP licenses.

They’re fully committed to location-based virtual reality and have been since the first iteration of Ghostbusters with The VOID.

During the pandemic, Hologate opened a licensed Extended Reality (XR) entertainment center in Germany. Hologate World is a 13,000 square foot immersive playland featuring all the best Hologate products under one roof. It’s given them a place to test new concepts before bringing them to market, which is the hallmark of a company dedicated to quality. Early conversations suggested they’re testing the concept as a possible franchise.

One product launched at Hologate World we wish we’d get to experience at IAAPA is Hologate X. It’s their first entry into the Hyper Reality experience market, pioneered by The VOID in 2017. Hologate X features high-end PCVR streamed to VIVE Focus 3 headsets via Wi-Fi 6E. This is the most cutting-edge implementation of virtual reality you can find anywhere right now. The X arena features full environmental haptics like wind and scent, and THX surround sound. They also promise full-body haptics, likely with the bHaptics vests that are optional in the Arena, and full-body tracking.

The Hologate X incorporates a pre-show, two dedicated suit-up areas to maximize throughput efficiency, and a game arena. The price is yet to be revealed, but considering The VOID was north of a million dollars, it’s great to see the leading VR company make a move in this direction. It’s important as you evaluate a product like Hologate X, that you understand it offers a premium experience that will support a premium price point. The VOID charge $40 for a 15-minute experience in hyper-reality. It was a true destination. Their research showed that 70% of their guests at Westfield London had never been to the mall before.

Hologate is also unveiling a dedicated Tower Tag VR Esports attraction called Battlezone. Tower Tag is one of my all-time favorite VR games, and one of the few PvP games I ever recommended. Tower Tag Battlezone will scale from two up to eight players. The hallmark of Tower Tag is its unique locomotion system. It was the first VR game to eliminate motion sickness. Players shoot a line (think the lasso from Wonder Woman) to the tower they want to teleport to. Then they “pull” themselves across the expanse. It’s incredibly satisfying and intuitive.

The towers offer protection for players on the narrow platforms. Offering a physically mapped tower adds to the realism and immersion. Tower Tag Battlezone is another shot across the bow of laser tag. And Hologate is also releasing its Esports solution at IAAPA, which promises global and regional esports opportunities, leagues, and tournaments.

Hologate’s booth this year will be a hive of activity. If you want to ensure a demo, reach out in advance and make an appointment. It’s sure to be crammed.

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