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Experience the ultimate thrill of paragliding with the ParadropVR Pod! Frontgrid’s latest innovation is smaller, sleeker, and more affordable, making it a must-have for adventure parks and compact spaces. Fly solo or challenge friends in multiplayer mode as you navigate exhilarating courses and track your progress in a global online league. Prepare to be captivated as you soar over breathtaking digital landscapes, gaining a whole new perspective on iconic locations. With easy installation and unattended operation, the ParadropVR Pod is set to revolutionize the world of virtual reality attractions. Get ready to elevate your entertainment offerings and leave your guests in awe.

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:

Frontgrid is back with a follow-up to its original ParadropVR paragliding simulator. Dubbed The Pod, it’s smaller, prettier, and provides a lower cost than the original. It’s also designed to be unattended with a touchscreen payment kiosk. The ParadropVR Pod offers solo or multiplayer experiences so up to four players can fly with their friends. The competitive elements let people track their improvement whilst participating in a global online league. I recently rode a prototype of the new ParadropVR Pod at Adventure Parc Snowdonia in Wales. It required an element of skill to navigate through the courses. I had more fun when I was offered the chance to “fly” over a digital recreation of Snowdonia National Park. It was a blissful experience and enhanced my perspective of the terrain of the area. ParadropVR is a spectacle to watch, and the new one is smaller and easier to install and run than the original. For locations looking for something dramatic, or adventure parks that want to use VR to create exciting experiences in a compact space, it’s one to watch.
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