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Revolutionize your arcade experience with QBIX, the ultimate immersive game space that transports players into thrilling virtual worlds! With QBIX, your venue becomes a hot spot for cutting-edge entertainment, drawing in crowds with its captivating gameplay and mind-blowing visuals. Say goodbye to bulky arcade cabinets and hello to space-saving efficiency, as QBIX takes up minimal room while maximizing revenue potential. Grab the opportunity to provide an unforgettable gaming adventure that saves space, boosts customer attraction, and drives high revenue for your arcade!

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:


While it’s not VR, I must mention the newest product, QBIX from Inowize. It’s an unattended 6-player immersive attraction in a compact 13x13-foot space. Players pay and select their game at a kiosk, then enter the space with controllers tracked by VIVE Lighthouse trackers. There, 270° of three-dimensional interactive scenes are projected on the walls. From this perspective, they’re trying to recreate the immersion of VR without the headsets.

Since the human peripheral vision is 220°, the immersion will probably be decent. Players must shoot targets that appear on the screen. Each player will have a different color crosshair, so they know where they are aiming. It’s like Triotech’s XD theater but players stand and may move freely.

Inowize integrates environmental haptics into the experiences. A motion floor and wind add to the immersion. They are launching one game at IAAPA and will add another soon. Considering the challenges the industry has faced with headset reliability and cable supply chain, I expect this product will capture the attention of operators looking for something different, but less bleeding edge.

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Get pricing on this product and others like it.

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