Experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime with Storm™, the cutting-edge VR ride simulator game at the arcade! Transport yourself into thrilling virtual worlds, feel the wind in your hair, and immerse yourself in heart-pounding adventures. With Storm™, customers can enjoy unparalleled entertainment, unforgettable memories, and the ultimate escape from reality. Don’t miss this high revenue opportunity to attract thrill-seekers and gaming enthusiasts alike to your venue. Get ready to storm into success!

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:

Storm is a VR motion simulator. It sits firmly behind VR Rabbids: The Big Ride and King Kong of Skull Island in the race for VR ride market share. Press reports suggest there are about 200 units out there, compared to over 1000 for VR Rabbids.
Storm took the original Rabbids concept and added hand tracking to gamify the experience, (a feature that the other two quickly copied). For purists though, it isn’t really a “video game“ but more like grabbing the brass ring on the carousel. It added a level of spectacle for people watching, however, which according to operators increased revenue.
Triotech launched Storm in 2019 and plans to unveil its first software update at IAAPA.
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