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Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride

Revolutionize your arcade experience with Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride! As the pioneering attraction that defined Unattended VR, it offers the ultimate VR investment for any venue. With its adaptable models, including options for limited space, it can seamlessly integrate into your arcade. Prepare to be immersed in a thrilling adventure with its cutting-edge hardware and software enhancements, delivering an unparalleled level of excitement. Experience the industry’s highest earning and most dependable attraction in unattended VR, and watch your revenue soar to new heights!

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride

D-BOX and Ubisoft created the VR arcade game motion ride category when in 2015 they showed a reference design for what would become VR Rabbids: The Big Ride from LAI Games. This unique partnership of a core technology provider like D-BOX and a world-renown game studio Ubisoft was looking for a company to build and sell the first compact, VR roller coaster.

They partnered with LAI Games and made it a triad. LAI added its expertise in the coin-op industry, creating a cabinet that worked for operators like a normal coin-op arcade game. LAI proved to the industry that a VR game could be unattended, which has led to a spurt of innovation. It also had massive curb appeal that was a perfect fit for the FEC market. It’s since become the standard by which all VR arcade game cabinets are judged.

LAI unveiled the finished product at IAAPA in 2017. It hit the sweet spot for operators looking for something new. It was the first VR product that lived up to the “unattended” claim. Early adopters were rewarded with crazy high earnings, driven by high price per play. More than one operator told me the story of directing a location to price the ride at $10, meaning $5 per person. But when staff priced the ride at $10 per person, and people still lined up to play, cashboxes exploded.

Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride created the category of VR arcade motion rides. LAI Games took a reference design from Ubisoft and D-BOX at IAAPA 2015 (or maybe it was 2016) and turned it into the first breakout VR hit for FECs since Global VR’s VR Vortek in 2000.

Rabbids has over 1000 units installed, which makes it the best-selling VR arcade game based on both locations, and the number of headsets (or player positions). LAI has shown continued commitment to the platform, having released The Big Expansion Pack in 2019, which increased their library to six experiences, including Space Skirmish, their version of interactive gameplay using head tracking.

Their latest iteration, dubbed Virtual Rabbids: Ultra HD, improves upon the original HTC VIVE system, taking graphics from 2K to a stunning 5K, almost eliminating any screen door effect. It also increases the field of view and frame rate, which should help reduce cases of motion sickness. This is all accomplished with the new VIVE Pro 2 headset and more powerful computers and graphics cards.

As of this publication, it’s not available as an upgrade to existing units.

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