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VR for Birthday Parties

VR for Birthday Parties

Add Up to $150K Per Year in Party Revenue

Birthday parties are the lifeblood of any FEC. Over the last couple of years, savvy operators use VR attractions to dramatically increase birthday party revenue.

Beth Standlee from TrainerTainment suggests that FECs limit birthday party offerings to three packages. This eliminates decision paralysis and makes it easy to buy.

Then the key becomes getting people to buy the top package. This is where a VR attraction comes in. Urban Air uses its VR Portal attraction to drive people to their platinum package, increasing the spend by $7 per child. During a year this adds $50-150K in revenue.

The best VR attraction for the birthday party market is the Spree Arena. It’s specifically designed to appeal to kids 4-12 years old, which according to Party Center Software represents 74% of birthday parties.

Spree’s games last about three minutes each and can accommodate 10 players at once. Parties can play together without having to break into smaller groups. An FEC can easily put 100 kids an hour through the system, handling as many birthday parties as you could throw at it.

If you have at least two party rooms, you can host 26 parties in a weekend. Over a year that’s 1300 parties with 13,000 kids. At $7 each that’s $91K of additional potential revenue.

Birthday Party Kids Make Up Generation Alpha

Gen A is the newest label created by demographers. It includes anyone born after 2010 – making the oldest about 12 years old. They’re the first generation born fully in the 21st century. They’ve never known a time without smartphones, iPads, or online games.

Generation Alpha will learn, play, and interact in new ways than any generation before them. They rely on technology to discover the world.

  • They are hyperconnected
  • They have digital identities
  • They’re experts in using new technology
  • They have short attention spans
  • They spend their time in the metaverse

That last point might be controversial. I am extending the term “metaverse” to include online worlds like Fortnite, Roblox, and Rec Room. Don’t get stuck on the terminology.

What’s important to recognize is these kids love being in online worlds with their friends. Why not offer them the unique opportunity to experience the ultimate online world playing with their friends on one of the most important days of their year?

Adding virtual reality to your party packages will separate you from your competition, increase your revenue, and most importantly, make a birthday kid’s important day more memorable.

Generation Alpha will learn, play, and interact in completely new ways than any generation before them.

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