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VRsenal Profile

VRsenal Profile

VRsenal is the creator of the rugged, fully automated VR arcade game system.

Since 2017, they’ve been working relentlessly to improve the reliability of VR equipment to meet the needs of the arcade market. Their innovations include the first armored headset and controllers and the first automated retraction system, and they were the first company to figure out how to prevent other Lighthouse tracking cameras from interfering with their system.

David Meyers from HTC VIVE claims that VRsenal’s engineering team is the best in the location-based VR industry. And this year, that team has been hard at work trying to fix one of the biggest challenges vexing operators — the dreaded headset HDMI cable failure.

VR headset cables are notoriously fragile. They contain more than 20, hair-thin wires that transmit the signals from the computer. These cables are not designed to stand up to the rigors of an arcade. VRsenal’s approach was to house the cable in rugged nylon with military-spec strain reliefs. VRsenal also encased the headset in armor to protect it from physical abuse.

VRsenal then suspended the whole thing from a retraction system to stop it from being dropped. It also had a ratcheting system so kids could not use it as a swing, which they observed in their early testing. While most operators say the system offered the best protection of any VR system, the added complexity and many moving parts came with their own set of problems.

VRsenal has been testing a new system dubbed the Monolith at trade shows and arcades since June 22. The Monolith has three major changes that reduce cost and complexity and increase durability.

  1. VRsenal replaced the fragile headset cables with the same power cables used on their controllers. These cables have proven to be the most rugged part of the VRsenal system. Proprietary software and circuity enable the system to transmit all the data necessary with 95% fewer wires, which means the wires can be thicker and more durable.
  2. They upgraded the headset to the VIVE Focus 3 with new armor. The Focus 3 is the first headset designed for the arcade market. Combined with VRsenal’s armor and a thick rubber floor mat provided with each game, the headset is rugged enough to surVIVE the occasional drop to the floor.
  3. The new cables and headset mean VRsenal can eliminate the complex retraction system, further simplifying the system, and removing cost and maintenance issues for operators.

VRsenal is so confident in this system they are offering a two-year warranty on their headset cables and a one-year on all other parts. Considering standard headset cables from other suppliers can fail monthly and cost hundreds of dollars, this system will save operators thousands of dollars in parts, plus labor and lost revenue, each year.

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