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Harnessing the Power of VR in Education: A Deep Dive into XR’s Role in Classroom Career Exploration

Welcome to our enlightening series, where we explore the frontiers of technology in education. In this installment, titled “Harnessing the Power of VR in Education: A Deep Dive into XR’s Role in Classroom Career Exploration”, we invite you to join a captivating discussion on the practicality and transformative potential of Extended Reality (XR) technologies in the educational landscape.

About the Segment:

Featuring insights from the Senior Vice President of Research at the Extended Reality Association (XRA) and the Chief Executive Officer of Be More Colorful, this segment delves into the innovative ways XR technologies are reshaping learning experiences in classrooms. Our expert guests will discuss the role of developers, educators, and stakeholders in leveraging XR to enhance educational outcomes, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities presented by XR adoption. The conversation promises to shed light on the remarkable benefits of XR, along with practical strategies to ensure its accessibility and equity for all students.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breaking Educational Barriers: Gain insights into how XR technology enables educators to transcend traditional teaching limitations, facilitating the introduction of complex concepts in an engaging and comprehensible manner.
  • Collaborative Content Creation: Learn about the synergy between universities, industry partners, and media production companies in driving innovative content creation for XR, making it more affordable and accessible.
  • Promoting Accessibility and Equity: Discover how XR opens doors for students, especially those with limited resources, to explore careers that were previously beyond reach, thereby fostering greater inclusivity in educational opportunities.

In summary, this part of our series offers a comprehensive exploration of the practical applications of XR in education, particularly in career exploration within the classroom setting. By understanding the benefits, addressing challenges, and capitalizing on collaborative efforts, this segment emphasizes the significant role of XR in creating more dynamic, inclusive, and effective learning environments.


Bob Cooney
Expert in Virtual Reality, Acclaimed Author, Visionary Futurist, and Accomplished Entrepreneur
Bob Cooney stands out as a distinguished speaker and author in the realm of virtual reality. He is recognized for his visionary foresight as a futurist and his entrepreneurial expertise. With a track record as an Inc. 500 CEO, Bob has successfully founded and developed nine startups, achieving multiple profitable exits and a noteworthy NASDAQ IPO. His extensive experience of over 25 years has made him a pivotal figure in educating VR professionals, including creatives, suppliers, and operators, across the globe.

Stephanie Montgomery
Vice President of Research and Best Practices at the XRA Association
In her role at the XRA Association, a body committed to the global advancement of the XR industry, Stephanie Montgomery leads initiatives in research and best practices. The XRA Association dedicates itself to promoting industry growth and facilitates crucial conversations among various industry stakeholders, spanning both public and private sectors. Additionally, the association plays a key role in providing educational and training resources to both creators and users of XR technologies, furthering their commitment to the industry’s development.

Matthew Chaussee
Chief Executive Officer of Be More Colorful
Matthew Chaussee heads Be More Colorful, a pioneering 360-degree media and virtual reality production studio. The studio excels in crafting captivating virtual tours and virtual reality video experiences, primarily focusing on community support and career pathway exploration. Be More Colorful’s commitment to workforce development is evident in their efforts to aid individuals in making informed decisions about their living, learning, working, and recreational choices, thereby contributing significantly to personal and community growth.

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