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Category: Free-Roam Systems

Free-roam is the future of VR in location-based entertainment. As more homes get VR headsets, large playing spaces where people can move around and explore fantastic virtual environments will be a key differentiator for arcades. The technology is finally affordable, high-quality, and durable. Environmental effects like wind, vibration, heat and scent, or wearable haptic vests, further amp up the experience beyond what anyone will experience in their home. If you’ve been waiting to make the move into free-roam VR, this is your year.

Within this category we have warehouse-scale, compact free-roam, and hyper reality. The warehouse-scale systems are over 2000 square feet. Compact free-roam ranges between 400 and 1000 square feet. Hyper reality is systems with environmental effects and haptics like wind, scent, heat, vibrating floors, etc.

Roam Arena

Introducing ROAM Arena: The Ultimate Solution for Unleashing the Full Potential ...
Footprint: Standard 16x16ft or 20x20ft; Interactive 16x16ft or 33x33ft
Pricing: Get Pricing


Welcome to SPREE Arena, the ultimate multiplayer free-roam VR attraction that transports guests into captivati...
Footprint: 387 sq ft or 1076 sq ft
Number of Players: 6 or 10 players
Pricing: Get Pricing

VR Esports Arena

Welcome to VR Esports Arena, where sport and gaming collide in an immersive virtual reality experience. The st...
Footprint: 400 sq ft – 640 sq ft
Number of Players: 4 – 8 player
Pricing: Get Pricing

vrCAVE VR Escape Rooms

Ignite the imaginations of your guests and elevate your family entertainment center with vrCAVE’s latest vir...
Footprint: 15' x 18' space required, plus small buffer recommended
Pricing: Get Pricing


XIST VR: The ultimate free-roam virtual reality experience has arrived. Tailor-made for family entertainment c...
Footprint: From 6m x 6m spaces to 12m x 6m arenas
Pricing: Get Pricing


YULLBE GO: A New Dimension in Entertainment Transform Your Space into a Virtual Adventure! YULLBE GO revol...
Footprint: 8x10m = 80sqm, fully mobile/no permanent venue required (Full attraction comes in 2 Airline Galley Carts)
Pricing: Get Pricing

The Park VR Turnkey

Embark on a journey of seamless, immersive experiences with The Park Playground, your gateway to unparalleled ...
Footprint: 7X7M OR 9X9M
Pricing: Get Pricing


Welcome to Octopod, the ultimate VR simulator platform designed specifically for entertainment venues like arc...
Pricing: Get Pricing

Lightning Rock – Chronosphere

Introducing Lightning Rock – Chronosphere: The Game-Changer Your Arcade Needs! Get ready to dazzle your gues...
Footprint: 20 X 20 free roam, 20 X 13 free roam, or room scale
Pricing: Get Pricing

VEX Arena

Welcome to VEX Arena, the cutting-edge 3.0 virtual reality experience that guarantees thrills and excitement f...
Footprint: Modular - from 13x13ft up to 33x33ft or from 4x4m up to 10x10m
Number of Players: Up to 10 players (free-roaming standalone headsets)
Pricing: Get Pricing

Oz Immersive

Introducing Oz Immersive by BackLight: The Forefront of Virtual Reality Exclusively for LBE. For arcades an...
Pricing: Get Pricing

VEX Adventure

Elevate your family entertainment center with VEX Adventure, the ultimate experience in hyper-reality. This ne...
Footprint: 450ft²
Number of Players: Up to 6 players (free-roaming standalone headsets)
Pricing: Get Pricing

Virtual Arena

Step into the future of entertainment with Virtual Arena, the ultimate free-roam virtual reality gaming experi...
Footprint: Standard maps: 3x6m, 6x6m, 8x8m, 9x6m, 10x10m, 12x12m Custom maps: up to 33m x 33m / 1000sqm
Pricing: Get Pricing

Springboard VR

SpringboardVR: Elevate Your Arcade Experience SpringboardVR, a flagship product from Verti...
Footprint: 400 sq ft
Number of Players: 4 players
Pricing: Get Pricing


Unlock the future of arcade operations with SynthesisVR (SVR) - your ultimate software partner for VR entertai...
Footprint: Supports all types of experiences
Pricing: Get Pricing


Introducing Spawnpoint, the ultimate freeroam VR platform designed to take your arcade to new heights. With un...
Pricing: Get Pricing

C.R.E.S and C.R.E.S Portable

C.R.E.S. VR System by Cross Reality: Revitalize Your Arcade in No Time! Unlock unparalleled gaming experien...
Footprint: C.R.E.S 10x10, C.R.E.S portable is flexible
Pricing: Get Pricing

Plucky Wombat

Transform your entertainment space with Plucky Wombat's Digital Escape Rooms—where the classic escape room a...
Footprint: 5.5m (18ft) by 5m (16ft) minimum space
Pricing: Get Pricing

Rotten Apple

Venture into the desolation of post-outbreak New York in "Rotten Apple – New York Fallen". The city, now a q...
Footprint: n/a Software
Number of Players: up to 4 players
Pricing: Get Pricing

Black Badge VR

Welcome to the captivating world of Black Badge VR, where science fiction meets virtual reality. Immerse yours...
Pricing: Get Pricing

Zero Latency

Immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience like no other with Zero Latency. As the leader in free-roam V...
Pricing: Get Pricing

Limitless VR

Experience a new dimension of immersive entertainment with Limitless VR, the ultimate arcade game from Creativ...
Footprint: 800 sq ft or 2400 sq ft
Number of Players: 8 or 16 players
Pricing: Get Pricing

Lightning VR

Welcome to Lightning VR, the highly rated virtual reality experience from The Netherlands that will transport ...
Pricing: Get Pricing

Ready Team One

Transform your family entertainment center into an unforgettable experience with READY TEAM ONE! This next-gen...
Footprint: 10X10M or 33x33 feet per Arena
Pricing: Get Pricing


Get ready to revolutionize your arcade with trueVRsystems, the best-in-class, turn-key solution that brings un...
Number of Players: 5 to 10 player per playground
Pricing: Get Pricing

Anvio VR

Anvio creates solutions for LBE VR. While our immersive, free roam VR games continue to captivate audiences wo...
Footprint: 5x5m, 10x10m, 10x20m + Scalable game zones (16-400 m²)
Pricing: Get Pricing


Introducing MissionX - The Future Soldiers, the ultimate VR simulator platform that takes competitive multipla...
Pricing: Get Pricing


Welcome to Tyffonium, an entertainment facility that takes immersive experiences to the next level using cutti...
Pricing: Get Pricing
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