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VIVE Focus 3

Discover the VIVE Focus 3, an all-in-one VR solution designed to revolutionize the way operators of family entertainment centers and arcades work and collaborate. This cutting-edge device offers best-in-class graphics, ergonomic comfort, and high-fidelity hand tracking for a seamless metaverse experience. With controller-free navigation and true virtual hands, it provides a new level of precision for interacting with virtual environments. The VIVE Focus 3 enables remote collaboration, immersive marketing and design visualization, effective training simulations, therapy and rehabilitation applications, engaging learning experiences, and innovative location-based experiences. Transform your entertainment center with this versatile VR tool.

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:

Focus 3

The VIVE series, ranging from the original (OG) to the Pro 2, were prosumer devices. They were not designed for rigorous use at commercial arcades. HTC gathered requirements from arcade owners for their next headset, one that fitted the needs of the market. That headset, the VIVE Focus 3, launched in 2021.

In the ensuing two years, the Focus 3 has become the de facto standard for free-roam solution providers. Almost every platform I know has either already endorsed it or is in the process of doing so. It features replaceable batteries, removable face pads, a magnesium alloy frame, and the best resolution and field of view of all the major headsets. The only limitation is audio, which sometimes is not loud enough in a noisy environment.

HTC has also created software for Focus 3 to support the location-based VR market. Its location-based software suite handles device management, multiple tracking modes, free-roam map configuration, and a host of other features specifically designed for arcades. It’s by far the most comprehensive software solution for our market.

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HTC Vive Focus 3 VR Headset
Vive Focus 3

Focus 3 Headset

Get pricing on this product and others like it.

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