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Unleash the thrill of virtual reality with ‘Jump’—the cutting-edge VR simulator platform by Limitless Flight. Transport your customers into a world of exhilarating adventures, heart-pounding challenges, and mind-blowing experiences. Boost customer engagement, satisfaction, and repeat visits while unlocking a lucrative revenue stream.

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:


The ultimate hyper reality experience so far. Jump is from The VOID technical co-founder James Jensen. It’s a wingsuit flying simulator where players must “make the jump”. Players put on a real wingsuit and a fully enclosed VR flight helmet and are hooked onto a sophisticated hydraulic suspension system that catches them, simulating flight. Huge fans fill the wingsuit, enforcing the illusion of flight.

Jensen’s team has captured an entire mountain with sophisticated photogrammetry cameras, rendering the environments in Unreal Engine 5 for photorealism. The pine scent as you’re skimming the trees adds to the realism.

Players have a persistent profile and earn suit upgrades and new abilities as they progress. The entire experience was developed with Marshall Miller, one of the world’s top wingsuit pilots. He and others have used Jump as a training vehicle to try out new lines before flying them in real life. The power of VR is to let people do things they can never do in real life. Wingsuit flying is one of the riskiest sports, costing over $15,000 to become certified. Jump offers a pretty damn good experience, with no risk of death, for under $100.

Jump operates one location at its HQ in Utah and is scheduled to open a second at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey.

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Get pricing on this product and others like it.

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