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OMG Simulator

Embark on a whirlwind of virtual adventures with the OMG Simulator! Renowned for delivering unparalleled VR experiences across 20+ vivid worlds, this simulator is the jewel of global arcades and entertainment spaces, weaving immersive tales that resonate with all age groups and interests. Impeccably designed with dual motion seats, DEEPOON E3 VR Headsets, and an encompassing surround sound system, it offers a premium, fully immersive, and astoundingly real virtual experience. Tailor it to your brand, ensure easy operation with user-friendly interfaces, and watch as visitors are continuously drawn into new dimensions of excitement and exploration, solidifying your space as the go-to destination for top-tier, adventurous entertainment!

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The following review is an excerpt from Bob Cooney's VR Arcade Game Buyer's Guide:

OMG Simulator

The OMG is a 2 player VR coaster, manufactured in China and imported, sold, and supported by VR360 Action out of Brooklyn, NY. They’ve recently upgraded the technology to use Pico Neo 3 headsets and higher end video graphics cards and PCs. They’ve also been working on original content. This has led to a price increase but the increased performance and reliability should be worth it.
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OMG Simulator game play

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