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The Practicality of VR - Webinar Series

Hosted By Bob Cooney

Perfecting Multi-User, Free-Roam Environments: A VR Exploration

Our series delves into the fascinating world of Virtual Reality (VR), particularly focusing on the development and optimization of multi-user,…
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Harnessing the Power of VR in Education: A Deep Dive into XR’s Role in Classroom Career Exploration

Welcome to our enlightening series, where we explore the frontiers of technology in education. In this installment, titled “Harnessing the…
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Unveiling the Future of Psychotherapy with Virtual Reality

Welcome to our enlightening series, where we delve into the groundbreaking intersection of Virtual Reality (VR) and psychotherapy. Titled “Unveiling…
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Revolutionizing Healthcare Training with VR

Welcome to our insightful series, where we explore the dynamic role of Virtual Reality (VR) in enhancing healthcare training. This…
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Virtual Reality in Action: Advancing Military Training Techniques

Welcome to our insightful series, where we dive into the transformative impact of Virtual Reality (VR) in modernizing military training.…
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Firefighter Training with Virtual Reality

Our series takes a deep dive into the innovative use of Virtual Reality (VR) in firefighter training. Featuring key figures…
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VR in Location-Based Entertainment: A Deep Dive into the VR Revolution

Welcome to the inaugural episode of our series dedicated to uncovering the multifaceted world of Virtual Reality (VR). In “VR…
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